It comes as a reappearing mild shock each time the toilet dings at me when I’m within its range. It lifts its lid invitingly.  It will sing as well, playing recorded tunes such as In the Mood when a person with the need sits herself down on its seat.


When we first tried our new toilet, it played lite classical. Now, the musical selections have been adjusted to rotate through Satie, classical, and classic pop.  Once in every 6 or 7 visits, I get bird song , my personal favorite. The “music” continues until you complete your mission.  It is usually an amusing and surprising distraction, but can quickly turn into an irritant if your stay is extended.  Ironically, while masking sounds emanating from the body, it also announces to anyone within earshot, that the toilet is definitely in use!singing birds

My remarkable single appliance washing/drying machine, as if to reward me, plays a jolly tune after I’ve loaded it and managed to push the correct buttons to set it in motion.  Its sweet 5 second jingle always requires a brief improvisational dance.

Where else on the face of this dear earth are you encouraged to sing and dance while performing the daily routine of personal and household maintenance?


  1. Dianne, I’m only a week home from Kyoto and it is still filling my dreams. Jill Kitnik alerted me to your blog and I’m so enjoying it. I loved meeting Masa and Sarah and hearing about your new journey. I’d love to see you when you return to Santa Barbara and share stories. Carol

    • Carol, It’s so wonderful that you’ve been bitten too. It’s love. Yes, we must join forces soon!

  2. Dianne, it reminds me of you dancing coming down the stairs….” I have got accustomed to your face…. ”
    This is perfect for you, dancing Dianne! Amazing what our Japanese friends think of these days!

  3. OMG, love this….just wish the french were as efficient. We’re still waiting for our internet connection and it’s been 6 days. Thank goodness for the internet at our favorite cafe! Guess that it needs is a little music!Let the fun continue!

    • Oh Judi, I’d hoped this year would be different for you. Thank goodness for the café!!

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