dance, Dance, DANCE!

Some interests in life come and go. Others, If you’re lucky, hang around for a lifetime.

It’s hard for me to believe that I have loved dance since I was a toddler. Even before toddlerhood,if you believed my mother! That’s a long time ago.


I loved dance throughout childhood, took a few detours during adolescence, then returned to it, in one form or another,  throughout adulthood.

I can no longer dance personally because of physical limitations. However, for the past two decades, as a result of a non-profit organization I founded, I’ve been able to promote and support dance.  At a time when it too frequently feels as if the world is going to hell, I am fortunate enough to have an alternative focus.  I like to think what we do here at DANCEworks makes a small contribution to elevating the best side of our humanity.

In a few days, a new season of DANCEworks will begin. I’ll soon have the pleasure and honor of welcoming Adam Barruch and his dancers to Santa Barbara.  I’ll wake up each morning with a jolt of pleasure, knowing that the artists are in residence at the historic Lobero Theatre, just a few blocks away from where I live.

During the month, I’ll soak up the dancers’ energy, revel in their talent and share food, drinks and laughs with them. I’ll gain new perspectives, meet new people, and have the deep satisfaction of knowing that right here, right now we are contributing to the future of dance in America.

A gift will arrive soon that is about to be unwrapped.  I like to think it’s here for everyone.

DANCEworks 2015:  September 1-26th. 


2 Comments on “dance, Dance, DANCE!

  1. so happy to see Adam’s work soon! And now it’s no secret at all from where your grandchildren’s over-the-top cuteness factor stems! Great photo, Dianne! thanks for sharing…

  2. so beautiful written. this is going to be a great one! revel in the month! it will be over before your know it!!!xoxoxo mark

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