Strangers in the Nightly found spring to my step

audreyFunny how a recent chance encounter with a good looking stranger added a newly found spring to my step.

While having dinner in a small Tribeca restaurant, a handsome Nordic man sat down with his wife at the adjacent table.  It’s very natural to glance over to see who’s sitting down next to you, especially in NYC, where the tables are pretty close together.  For a brief moment, our eyes locked as he took his seat. I noticed his eyes were a brilliant robin’s egg blue, his nose chiseled and his blonde hair was turning silver.  Throughout dinner, I saw him glancing at me, as I did at him, even as we both maintained conversations with our dinner partners.  I did consider winking at him during dinner, just to be silly, but I restrained myself, deciding that my husband would not find it even remotely amusing.

As we got up to leave, Mr. Unknown looked up at me directly, smiled knowingly and nodded his head towards me in what seemed like an acknowledgement of our silent little flirtation.

Let me just say it was the nicest smile I’ve gotten from a stranger in a long time.  It prompted a silly grin from me in return.

‘nuf said.


One Comment on “Strangers in the Nightly found spring to my step

  1. Love this….and almost cried with your last one..sunrise, sunset…how very true!

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