Rediscovering Spring


Each year of my life I rediscover Spring.

The insane energy of it.

The intoxicating scent of it.

The seductive beauty of it.

The wonder and exuberance of it.


Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. Rainer Maria Rilke

Each year, Spring becomes my favorite season for as long as its promise lasts.

Before its flowers fade.

Before its green changes from brilliant to subdued.

Before its birds have found their mates.

Before the scent of orange blossoms vanishes.

Such soft and solemn and perfect music doesn’t last

For more than a few moments.
It’s one of those magical places wise people
like to talk about.
One of the things they say about it, that is true,

is that, once you’ve been there,
you’re there forever.
Listen, everyone has a chance.
Is it spring, is it morning?

Are there trees near you,
and does your own soul need comforting?
Quick, then––open the door and fly on your heavy feet; the song
may already be drifting away.

-Mary Oliver

Now, each Spring may be my last, but hasn’t that always been true?   Would we know spring without winter? Can we know life without death?

Dew Evaporates
And all our world is dew…so dear,
So fresh, so fleeting”
Kobayashi Issa

In a few short weeks, I’ll travel to Kyoto again.  If I’m lucky, my trip will be timed with cherry blossom season (sakura); perhaps, the most extravagant celebration of spring on this earth, but one, like life, that is fleeting and unpredictable.


“Soaring in white clouds, The cherry trees are in full bloom, Every branch bending with loaded blossoms. But the wind is ceaseless as the peak is lofty, And day after day falls the spring rain; The flowers have scattered from the upper sprays. May the blossoms on the lower branches neither fall nor lose their beauty, Till you, who journey, grass for pillow, Come home again !”  Mushimaro, 8th Century



4 Comments on “Rediscovering Spring

  1. Lovely and timed well. I will head north again in a few weeks following behind our migrant birds. Will be faced again with my beautiful hills,ridges,wetlands,woods being threatened by pipelines to bring freckled gas from PA, to export off the New England and Canadian coast
    Can’t believe I have been fighting fracking for almost 10 years. It is one of our domestic wars.
    Safe travels and peaceful visit to Japan
    Love you

    • I know it will feel good to return to the landscape you know and love so well. You are a warrior in the best sense of the word. Thanks for your continued fight for our planet. I think the tide is slowly turning. Safe travels. I’ll be East in June. maybe??? love you too.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to spring. Its here in NYC too! It is as glorious as you describe it! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

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