Month: April 2016

A Treasured Reunion

Springtime never fails to be thrilling.  For a few short weeks we must pay attention to nature and its extravagant exuberance. We reconnect with springtimes past, greeting each new blossom and each emerging leaf  in the landscape as a long lost, but never forgotten, friend. For a brief time, all things seem possible, all hurts forgiven.


We’d been on the road for a few hours when hunger began to gnaw at our bones again and a bathroom break was in demand.  There were no restaurants that we could see on this remote stretch of the Noto Penninsula, least of all… Continue Reading “oops!”

The Revenge of the Firefly Squid

Firefly squid.  Just think how much fun life could be if your first name was “Firefly.”  Firefly Vapnek sounds very interesting, don’t you think?  I think the name “Firefly”initially influenced how I felt about eating these small creatures.  Fireflies are beautiful; to be caught, enjoyed… Continue Reading “The Revenge of the Firefly Squid”

The Return of the Happy Wanderer

One of the many songs I took great pleasure in lustily singing during my childhood and young adulthood was called The Happy Wanderer.  When I headed out for a day in nature, I sang this song. I taught it to my children when they were… Continue Reading “The Return of the Happy Wanderer”

Where’s Mary Oliver When you Need Her?

6AM. Tip of the Noto Penninsula.  Japan Words fail, as I suppose they should, in the presence of such awe inspiring natural beauty.  I resort to taking photos, then videos, but of course, nothing quite captures the essence of this setting. I know one of… Continue Reading “Where’s Mary Oliver When you Need Her?”

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