Where’s Mary Oliver When you Need Her?

rocks and water

6AM. Tip of the Noto Penninsula.  Japan

Words fail, as I suppose they should, in the presence of such awe inspiring natural beauty.  I resort to taking photos, then videos, but of course, nothing quite captures the essence of this setting. I know one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver, could have nailed it.  She wouldn’t need an iphone camera.   She’d probably just sit patiently in the midst of this delicate morning and  words would come to her.


I’m at a loss for the way to do that, but still want to share it. The best I can do is share my 6AM morning video. But, the file was too large, and I haven’t figured out how to edit it.

I was spellbound watching the many birds flying over the ocean just outside my window, but the video didn’t capture that.  They flew easily as singles, in pairs or in groups of eight or ten. Some flying east, others intent on a western path.  Some barely skimming the surface of the calm water, others a hundred feet above it. I think they’re swallows.

Are they too thinking, how splendid the morning?

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2 Comments on “Where’s Mary Oliver When you Need Her?

  1. Dianne you always educate and inspire with your keen observations Thank you dear friend for these delightful details of Japan and life in general. Well done!

    • Judi, thanks for your kind feedback! INspiration seems to come easily in Japan!

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