Month: May 2016

??How Much??

With all the talk about the demise of the middle class, I am reminded how much easier it was to be in the middle class a few decades ago.

Bill Moyers & Me

My eyes betrayed the depth of my feelings as they spontaneously filled with tears when Bill Moyers made his way to the microphone to deliver his recent talk here a few nights ago.  I have been a devoted follower of his for decades now, but seeing him in… Continue Reading “Bill Moyers & Me”

It’s Getting Scary!

You can’t escape him and it’s starting to get scary. It’s like hearing the thunder of an approaching storm and knowing that soon you’re in for it and all hell might break loose.   His image dominates all media. How is it possible that though… Continue Reading “It’s Getting Scary!”

Fleeting Moments

Attending a dance recital for one of grandchildren, I entered a world that felt timeless, yet lasted only for a moment.

I am NOT Cute!

Call me anything, but please, please, don’t call me CUTE. I’ll be ok with smart-ass, idiot, loud-mouth, jerk or even something more flattering like cool or just plan nice. But not cute.

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