Crummy Summer Jobs I Have Known

When my granddaughter complained  about her boring summer job, it called to mind the succession of yucky summer jobs I endured from high school through college.  My dear Dad, used his many contacts as a grocer and a member of the Jewish community to finagle jobs for me each of those summers. This is howContinue reading “Crummy Summer Jobs I Have Known”

Know Your Blueberry Muffins

Once upon a time, blueberries were a seasonal treat.  Now, they can be enjoyed year round.  Once upon a time, the brief season was highly anticipated, marking a mid-summer’s high point. At my mother’s side, I quickly learned to be able to discriminate among available muffins.   Growing up, they were on our breakfast table almost dailyContinue reading “Know Your Blueberry Muffins”

Are You City or Country???

Some things about yourself change during a lifetime , others remain remarkably consistent. But then, some day you are likely to find, as I have,  that what had pleased you so consistently doesn’t bring as much pleasure as it once had. I knew I was a “bi” before there was a name for it. IContinue reading “Are You City or Country???”

Beyond the Blue Horizon

The venerable old synagogue in Park Slope, Brooklyn has seen a lot of life. It’s known joy and sorrow and been a part of its community for about 150 years. Recently, my granddaughter’s high school class used the sanctuary to hold its graduation, a time of celebration and just a little sorrow.

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