Month: July 2016

For Women Only

My generation lived on the cusp of the women’s movement. So near, but yet so far. In a span of just a few years, the rules came tumbling down. We weren’t happy with the status quo, but hadn’t yet understood how wrong and damaging the double standards of the day were.

I Must Have Flowers!

Certain strands of passion follow us through life. One of them, for me, has been my love affair with flowers.

Don’t Fly with Me

For many years, whenever there was a threat of turbulence, I was truly terrified of flying,

My Magnificent Obsession

Japan has become a magnificent obsession in my life, beginning from the first visit in the early 1980’s.

How to Respond?

Like many of us, I suppose, I have more questions about the world we live in than answers. In fact, I have only questions. The majority of answers provided by the experts are unsatisfying and incomplete to me, because they don’t appear to “know” either. From where I stand, no one seems to get the big picture. This recent round of violence is a complex, fucked up mess.

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