Month: September 2016

Nowhere do you get That Happy Feeling

For right here and right now, we’ve embraced our shared humanity, celebrating the arts. For a time, the generosity of the performers and the generosity of the audience has become one big love fest.

Moon Watch

Such a hullabaloo about the moon in recent years.  Until recently,  a person only needed to know rhyming words such as moon, June, swoon, etc. inserted in insipid songs.  Now, to be fashionable means being knowledgeable about how often a blue moon comes along,  knowing the characteristics… Continue Reading “Moon Watch”

A Walk in the Woods

It’s the age-old story of children gaining their independence and going off into the world that repeats with each generation. The angst of the parents who remain behind is the same, as is the eagerness of the children to be let loose.

Friendship at Any Age

“I wanna say hi to my friend, “announced my three and a half year old granddaughter, as she arrived with her mother at a mostly adult picnic.  Who might that friend be? My granddaughter had met him the day before at another event and then spotted… Continue Reading “Friendship at Any Age”

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