Who are the People in your Neighborhood?

My kids grew up watching and adoring Mr. Rogers. His ultra calm manner drove me a little crazy in those days, but now, I have more appreciation of his appeal. Yesterday, he came back to visit me as I took a long walk in our neighborhood here in downtown Kyoto.  Roger’s opening song played relentlessly inContinue reading “Who are the People in your Neighborhood?”


The urge to show off comes from a primitive, childish part of me that I don’t like too much.  I sometimes  volunteer information while in Japan that no one has asked for, partly to be helpful, but also partly to show my expertise. As limited as that knowledge really is, it’s always more than aContinue reading “Confession”

Nothing But Flowers!

When I was in my early 30’s trying to figure out what to become in my life, I had a brief flirtation with the idea of opening a store called Nothing But Flowers.  Even before David Byrne wrote the song.  In my 40’s, still a bit adrift, I traveled to Surrey, England to take aContinue reading “Nothing But Flowers!”

Monkey Business Trip

I’m back in Tokyo. In spite of all my preparation, I showed up at the airport prepared to fly the wrong airline.  As soon as the woman behind the desk at ANA began tsk tsk tsking, I knew I had a problem.  She could not find a  record of my reservation, then looking further, noted that the reservationContinue reading “Monkey Business Trip”

The Summer My Husband Learned to Swim

She appeared at our poolside almost as an optical illusion.  Blonde, very tall, muscular and incredibly fit, in a skimpy bikini, looking like a walking, talking, smiling ad for the benefits of cross training.  She came to our house to give swimming lessons to my grandchildren.  We tried not to look surprised as she introducedContinue reading “The Summer My Husband Learned to Swim”

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