Month: February 2017


I have never been one of those persons who can relate every minute of her life since birth.  Nor, am I particularly good at recognizing the faces of people whom I’ve met in the past.  I’ve suffered through many embarrassing moments when a person will… Continue Reading “Whatshername???”

My History of Eating Part Two

The sixties were the harbinger of change on many fronts, including our eating habits.  Our palates became more discriminating and adventurous, as we moved from place to place during those years. The New Haven Years We left Miami, Florida in the late 1960’s to… Continue Reading “My History of Eating Part Two”

My History of Eating, Part One

Disclosure:  I’m Jewish. Food and its consumption are a part of my culture. That might have something to with the attention I’ve paid to food most of my life.  Taking it to another level, I married a Jewish man whose Jewish Mother wanted to… Continue Reading “My History of Eating, Part One”

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