If you’ve seen me recently you might have noticed a new twinkle in my eye and a new springy rebound in my step.  It would have been most noticeable if you had also seen me a few weeks ago when I was felled by a nasty respiratory infection and spent practically two weeks vegetating in bed,   Progress was measured in small victories.  I actually was happy to congratulate myself if I could take a shower without getting out of breath.   My self-image was hit hard, but it’s now returned to positive territory. The body wants to heal itself, I’ve read.  The body wants to heal itself I want to believe.  The body, with the help of drugs, did indeed heal and the miracle of it all is that the years, in the last few days, are just peeling off of me.  It’s quite a sight to behold.

What’s transformed me into a leprechaun, or maybe I should say ninja,  other than a course of drugs,  is the anticipation of my upcoming journey next week when I return to Japan for a month’s stay. In my mind’s eye, I can see the buds of the cherry blossom trees swelling in anticipation of our mutual reacquaintance. Continue reading “Rebounding!”