Uh,oh. Computer DOWN

Just as I was reaching full speed on my Kyoto blog, my computer began behaving erratically, until within a short period of time, it became impossible to use.  Any of my well -intentioned but largely uninformed attempts to resurrect it, met with nought.  The old fail safe of shut down and restart, made no difference, despite my prayers.

Japan is not the land of Apple domination, so locating someone to look at the computer, as well as fix the computer was challenging. Frantic calls to the few places we could identify as mac friendly only met with the same response;  they would take it, send it out and have it back to me in about a week.  Since we are leaving for home on Sunday, that did not solve my problem.

Finally we located a place close-by with the promising name of Quick Garage.  Hopes soared.  Same story, unfortunately, despite my hope that Quick Garage would be a Quick Fix.

Now,  I am using my husband’s ipad.  I lost some ground and now have to adjust to a new device that won’t automatically download my photos.  My wings are clipped, but I intend to keep going with or without photos that attract readers.

Life goes on.  It once more reinforced for me, that I’m skating on thin ice when trouble arises with my computer.  But it also reinforced the pleasure I personally get from writing about my experiences here in Japan.

Our trip is winding down and we leave for home in just a few days.  Maybe this technical break we help me withdraw less abruptly from this place I’ve come to love.

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