The Weary Non-Traveler

I’ve been travelling a lot recently. Many arrivals and many departures.  Departures require a bit more thought and preparation. The return direction doesn’t require much more than throwing everything you’ve brought with you in a suitcase, and if you’ve bought anything, hoping your suitcase will expand just a bit more.

I woke up early this morning to catch a flight connecting in LA to a flight to the East. I finished my packing which had mostly been completed the day before.  I readied my reading materials for the plane.  My meds were packed.  My unfinished business was taken care of.  My house was pulled together enough so that if something awful happened to us and persons needed to enter the house, the first words out of their mouths would not be, “What a slob!”

I ate my usual goes-down-fast- cereal and fruit breakfast then started the dishwasher.  NO dirty dishes were left standing in the sink.  I wiped the table and brushed away some crumbs on the counter.  No dirty clothes were in the hamper. I didn’t bother to sweep the floor. Continue reading “The Weary Non-Traveler”