Month: June 2017

Welcome to Paradise.

    “Welcome to paradise,” announced the flight attendant, without a hint of irony, as we landed in Key West, Florida after a brief but glorious flight from Miami.    OK, I thought, let’s see what you’ve got. We’re here for several days, in… Continue Reading “Welcome to Paradise.”

More and More and Even More Stuff!

I’ll admit it.  Once upon a time, I enjoyed shopping.  I mean REALLY enjoyed shopping.  I liked to look at what was out there in the market place.  It was more an aesthetic experience than a consumer one.  Truthfully, I couldn’t afford to buy… Continue Reading “More and More and Even More Stuff!”

The Way Things Were

Father’s Day becomes bittersweet once your father has passed away.  Sweet memories are combined with the ache of deep loss. This morning I watched a CBS Sunday Morning segment with the ever-smiling Jane Pauly about a young father who’s committed to splitting half the… Continue Reading “The Way Things Were”

When was that Line Crossed?

Some shifts in life happen almost imperceptibly.  Styles and places that were almost second nature in terms of my likes and dislikes have shifted past the point of no return.  When and why and how did that happen? For example: I no longer drool… Continue Reading “When was that Line Crossed?”

What’s so “Funny?”

As far as I can tell, Japanese possess a keen sense of humor. It’s even evident in  the anthropomorphic paintings by master artists on paneled screens painted hundreds of years ago.  A dragon who’s lost his spark or maybe his viagra?  A tiger looking… Continue Reading “What’s so “Funny?””

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