Month: September 2017

Today, I Pack!

I have been lingering for several weeks now at the foot of the mountain I spoke about in an earlier blog (Top of the Mountain).  I’ve been in a mellow, dull state, most definitely uninspired. Days passed, I napped most afternoons. Early to bed,… Continue Reading “Today, I Pack!”

RIP, My Friend Betsy

  Several years ago I joined a tour group to see a part of Japan that’s relatively hard to get to as a foreigner.  I’d requested a single room when I traveled because I’d learned from taking other tours I needed “time off” from… Continue Reading “RIP, My Friend Betsy”

The Top of the Mountain

The universe turns a blind eye to the triumphs, losses, and vicissitudes of our individual daily lives.  After a resounding success or a horrific loss, I expect the world I see when my eyes open to somehow be altered.  It never is.  That can… Continue Reading “The Top of the Mountain”

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