Today, I Pack!

I have been lingering for several weeks now at the foot of the mountain I spoke about in an earlier blog (Top of the Mountain).  I’ve been in a mellow, dull state, most definitely uninspired. Days passed, I napped most afternoons. Early to bed, late to rise.  My husband requests Alexa play the music from Sleeping Beauty to wake me up. I’ve been going through the motions of day- to -day living but feeling little passion for the experiences.  Not depression, not unpleasant, but D U L L.

For several days, the Weather Channel became a mild source of interest and stimulation.  Nothing like watching a super hurricane descend in today’s media-overloaded world.  Like many, I enjoyed the ridiculous antics of the newsmen out in the storms or pretending to be. That too passed. I’ve watched or read about the daily dramas surrounding 45, but have grown weary of them. The country seems to be turning into a giant reality show. The situations and the actors have grown tiring.  I read half a book. My backyard needs attention badly but didn’t get it. Nothing felt particularly urgent. Continue reading “Today, I Pack!”