rain dance

Before I moved to CA where the sun shines most of the time (Neil Diamond circa 1971) and the ground is green for a brief few months a year, I generally thought of rain as a spoiler.  I grew up with the children’s refrain “rain rain go away,” and never found a lot to appreciate in a rainy day.  Until I moved to CA where the arrival of rain became a reason to celebrate.

How times change. Now in CA the hills are euphemistically called golden, but are in reality a dull brown.  So if I travel and encounter rain, the usual nemesis of the tourist, I no longer gripe, but watch it in wonder and with pleasure.  I’ve equipped myself with a colorful umbrella and a sturdy pair of waterproof sneakers so that I can easily navigate the puddles and the overflow I encounter.  I breathe in deeply enjoying all those reputed negative ions.

The remnants of a typhoon are passing over Kyoto today.  The skies are steel grey and a steady rain is falling. Yesterday, I bought autumnal flowers from my favorite flower store for our apartment and happily arranged them in what I determined were artistically satisfying arrangements now gracing our living space.  Our interior is warm and pleasant although outdoors it’s a major contrast.

Katsuyoshi Matsuzaki sculpture, with flowers by DV

We have a friend visiting, so rather than hunker down, we visited a former samurai house that now is the home of a wonderful netsuke museum

I found the garden as interesting as the interior of the home and since we were not allowed to photograph the objects on display, I focused on the rain dance happening outside in the garden.

Not only did the rain dance seem to please the garden, it brought me great pleasure as well.

12 Comments on “rain dance

  1. Dianne:
    Beautifully written and inspirational, we are looking forward to our trip to Japan and getting together with you and Daniel in Kyoto.
    Dennis and Kimberly

  2. The photos and thoughts are so lovely, Dianne. Thanks:)

  3. Beautiful: thank you for the refreshing drink of water!!

  4. Netsuke!… reminds me of the wonderful novel “The Hare with Amber Eyes” by Edmund de Waal. You must read it if you have not… Enjoy the rain while you can… finally cooling down here.

    • Yes, I’ve read it Nancy! Great book that I just recommended to my friend too. Glad to hear it’s cooling down in CA!

  5. Your piece arrived on the perfect rainy, Connecticut day. I’m inspired!

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