Month: February 2018

Sartorial Observations

  An Unscientific Sample of female vs. male attitudes towards clothing and attire Me:  I care. I like fabric.  I enjoy pattern, texture, color.  He:  oblivious. Me:  enjoy getting new things to wear. Even a new pair of socks can make my pulse race. He: does… Continue Reading “Sartorial Observations”

Our Sinister New Reality

  I watched my tv screen in horror and amazement yesterday as the latest school shooting in the USA unfolded.  It all looked sickeningly familiar, but there was a new element to the coverage this time.  The victims had all practised for this moment as… Continue Reading “Our Sinister New Reality”

You Remember What You Want to Remember! And don’t forget it!

If I could sum up the most important thing I learned during my junior high years, it would be the statement frequently heard in my Social Studies class when a question was posed by our teacher to which no one had the answer.  “You… Continue Reading “You Remember What You Want to Remember! And don’t forget it!”


A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing Definition: A small amount of knowledge about a topic can make people falsely believe they are experts on that topic. My apologies to any of my readers who recently may have tried to find my posts on my… Continue Reading “Danger.”

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