Sartorial Observations


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An Unscientific Sample of female vs. male attitudes towards clothing and attire

Me:  I care. I like fabric.  I enjoy pattern, texture, color.  He:  oblivious.

Me:  enjoy getting new things to wear. Even a new pair of socks can make my pulse race. He: does not enjoy new things to wear.

Me: happy to give away the clothes I no longer wear.  He:   “going through his closet” is tantamount to asking him to participate in a primitive form of torture.

Me: acutely aware when something seems hopelessly out of style.  He: will not admit there’ s a category called “out of style.”

Me: wears something new at the first opportunity. He:  A new article of clothing usually will die in his drawer or closet.  It’s shunned as a pariah, avoided as long as possible and when possible, forever.

Me: Shopping =Fun.  He: The last activity in life he would chose to do.  never. Nada.

Me:  I know what I like and what I’m looking for when I shop. He: no idea.

In Summary

I’ve become increasingly aware of what feels age appropriate to wear. Comfort rules. Ruffles, short hemlines, shorts and puffy sleeves are out.  High heels are out.

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My husband never has had to cross that line.  He’s always dressed as he damn pleased with nary a concern, as far as I could tell, whether or not his attire might or might not appeal to the opposite sex.  He never dresses to please me. Sometimes I think he underdresses just to annoy me.   Some of it is about comfort, but I think a large part of it is about familiarity.  Nothing in his mind could feel better than wearing a t-shirt he’s had for a minimum of six years.  It’s clean in the sense of being freshly washed, but not in the reality of being stain free.

I think, when it comes to clothing, I’ve had a lot more fun in my life !  (And I can name a lot more colors!)



4 Comments on “Sartorial Observations

  1. Too totally true – except for last one: When (once every other year) Terry goes clothes shopping, it’s only to get work jeans or T-shirts. Same 2 stores; same style. When I go shopping, it’s usually just a blind wander.. But, style, to Terry? Ha! Comfort, however, is becoming so paramount for me that style doesn’t matter much.

  2. I happen to be wearing a T-shirt I bought 20 years ago in San Francisco. Nary a stain. Unfortunately I have to buy new jeans every few years as my waist expands.

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