Setting. Somewhere along the coast of the Kii Penninsula, Japan. Mid- Autumn, early afternoon. Narrow road. Driver, operating a car on the “wrong” side of what he’s accustomed to, has strong tendency to drift to the left towards perilous drainage ditch.  No road shoulders.  Passenger and driver both displaying symptoms of anxiety.

The beautiful coast of the Kii Penninsula


“Move over.”  she

Move Over!  she

Move Over!! she

“What part of Move Over Don’t you understand?”  she, shouting now.

“Shut up, Bess.”he (Note:  Bess was my mother.) The even tone of his voice told his wife he’d been planning this response.

Half hour later…

Mo..! she

Loud Bang!!!! left front tire

Dead flat tire after car hits rock on side of the road

Epilogue.  Driver knew very well how to change a tire.  Passenger, not so much.  Problem encountered when trying to figure out where to place the jack under the car.  Eventually asked the next driver to pass by for help. New, temporary tire made it possible to return to “city” in opposite direction of day’s destination, in order to purchase full sized tire.

Our hero. Note body language.


2 Comments on “MOVE OVER!!

  1. Driving in Bali on “wrong” side of road, same experience except no flat tire. “Watch Out!” “Move Over!” By end of day, splitting headache and not speaking to each other. Your experience made me laugh, sort of. With the passage of time what was nerve wracking at the time becomes a funny story

    • So true. glad you could relate. We didn’t have a lot to say to each other after the Bang! Also, I was enjoying the scenery and Danny was just unhappy. But thankfully, no one was hurt. It could have been a sad scene. So yes to laughing about it. Not quite yet!

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