Sky Diving

I’ve always said to anyone who cares to listen that South Florida’s most appealing asset is its skies. Developers haven’t been able to touch that yet. Florida’s clouds can tower, inspire and threaten like no clouds I’ve seen anywhere. Most evenings the heavens  provide a predictable and awe-inspiring glimpse of what might be heaven on earth or an old-fashioned idea of it. Combine the sky with an ocean scape and it’s unbeatable.  It’s a hallelujah moment.

We’ve made it a habit in Key West, as do many, to walk to a local pier about a half hour before sunset as the theatrics begin.  Every day’s performance is unique.  Some evenings induce gasps, others quiet contemplation.  The colors range from soft pastels of the most delicate kind, peach, pink and yellow.  If there are showers around, expect a dramatic steely gray cloud cover. The cloud formations are usually layered from the horizon to overhead.  Each turn of the head provides a new frame for the view, while pelicans, terns and seagulls enjoy themselves cartwheeling and diving in the open space.  Do they appreciate the beauty or is it all about finding a meal?  Maybe it’s a little of both.

I can’t restrain myself from taking photos because I want so badly to hold on and recall.  These pix will give you a small idea of the grandeur and magnificence awaiting us each evening.


10 Comments on “Sky Diving

  1. Beautiful. I have a young friend who’s moving to Holland & who loves things Japanese & who asked to get your blog. OK with you?

  2. Magnificent!! Some of the photos could be Impressionist paintings. Thank you for sending these along. Sheri

  3. beautiful photos Diane – love sky diving with you

    • Happy to have you come along!

  4. Stupendous. Almost makes you believe in…. Almost!

    • why not? I find myself saying thank you God, no harm done.

  5. Someone told me Florida’s clouds are its mountains.

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