Taipei’s Bittersweet Treasures


National Palace Museum of Taipei

They pass me in droves.  Tour groups of Mainland Chinese who have come to the National Palace Museum in Taipei to see the relics of their culture saved by Chiang Kai Shek.  The treasures were moved to Taipei Taiwan before Mao Tse Tung could destroy them as he took over power.  We mostly ignore each other, but sometimes our curiosity about each other makes staring unavoidable.  

The Mainlanders follow a tour leader waving a banner, some intent on listening to his spiel, others drifting off in their own worlds of appreciation or possibly boredom. Every once in a while I feel certain one of the group has glared at me with hostility.  Occasionally they push me out of their way to get their own closer look at objects.  I can hardly blame them.  What a lost legacy of former imperial splendor. Continue reading “Taipei’s Bittersweet Treasures”