Things My Mother Told Me

It’s just as easy to do something right the first time. (Not true.  The trick is to try again.)

It’s just as easy to marry a rich man as a poor man.  (no comment.)

Let that be a lesson for you.  (It usually was)

Don’t come crying to me when…( I rarely did, as I remember.)

‘All right, but don’t come crying to me when you fall down.’

If you can’t say something nice about anyone, don’t say anything.(Still think of his one.)

You’re so selfish. (OUch!  hey I was a teen ager!  but, Essentially correct.)

You’re capable of being right on top. A straight A student if you really tried. (I didn’t really care, nor did I really try.)

I bend over backwards for you and all I get is a kick in the pants. (I think she must have meant forward.)

Don’t wear dirty sneakers.  ( I just ignored this mandate.)  Along with, “Go upstairs and change your shoes!)

Mothers have eyes in the backs of their head. (I believed it!) (Still do.)

I put you on a pedestal and you knock yourself off.  (so true, I didn’t like being on a damn pedestal.)

Waitressing:  It’s not a job for a nice Jewish girl. (The answer I’d get when I asked to go to the Cape to waitress for the summer with a non-Jewish friend.)

OK, what are YOURS?

3 thoughts on “Things My Mother Told Me

    1. Thanks for your input. In retrospect, they do seem a little harsh, but I learned early how to ignore orders I didn’t agree with!

  1. All the same damn ones with the excepton of “I put you on a pedestal- instead it was the Irish comment that if one received an expression of compliment to boast ones self confidence, well heaven forbid, ” Dont be thinking too much of yourself now, don’t be high and mightly. But as far as waitressing, oh of course, – Little did they know the waitressing would be in Provincetown on the Cape having its last waning days of the music and art colony is became so famous for.. But certainly changed my direction in life . enough said.. love you

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