Month: August 2020

Addicted……. to Shmatas?

NO, not THAT kind of addiction.  Not to drugs, fortunately.  Not to alcohol.  This addiction costs me about $12 each time I indulge.  This addiction brings me pleasure each time I indulge.  It’s continued to bring me pleasure for many years.  It’s a relatively… Continue Reading “Addicted……. to Shmatas?”

Ah yes, I Remember it Well

Most of us have more time on our hands now than we’ve had in a long time.  My mind has enjoyed a few trips down Memory Lane.  It might be out of boredom or just what aging minds like to do when there’s nothing… Continue Reading “Ah yes, I Remember it Well”

Acknowledging My Own Ignorance

  It’s nice to feel confident about one’s own ability to complete a task.  It can be an easy  deceit to believe you’re well-informed.  This summer I’ve been struck down on both accounts.  The Black Lives Matter movement taught me some much needed lessons… Continue Reading “Acknowledging My Own Ignorance”

#@$#ed Up!

Well my little experiment didn’t work out so well.  to say the least.  It bombed.  I was way in over my head.  So sorry.  I just took it down. I’m getting help next week, but I had to take down the bleepedup blog before… Continue Reading “#@$#ed Up!”

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