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Acknowledging My Own Ignorance

By August 9, 2020December 9th, 20207 Comments



It’s nice to feel confident about one’s own ability to complete a task.  It can be an easy  deceit to believe you’re well-informed.  This summer I’ve been struck down on both accounts.  The Black Lives Matter movement taught me some much needed lessons about the extent of racism in our country.  This automatically translated into a Big Reveal about my own level of willful ignorance concerning black lives.  My ignorance equaled disinterest, which I could stupidly justify by my ignorance of the truth. It was all too easy to pretend that overt racism in the USA was a thing of the past.  I will now try to make up for the egregious oversights of my lack of knowledge. There is no way to justify ignorance about the suffering of my fellow men and women.

ignorance 2

I had an intimidating 8th grade social studies teacher who liked to say, almost on a daily basis, “Ignorance of the law is NO excuse.”  She LOVED to say this. In an authentic Irish accent.   I think she meant that it was incumbent upon us students to know what the law was. Now, decades later, thinking about her warning, I realize that my own ignorance about Black Lives stemmed from somehow believing I had no need to Know. Believing everything was ok, removed my responsibility to help make things right.

I also let myself believe that I could upgrade my blog myself, figuring out the challenges with the skills I’d already acquired. ha. ha. ha.

Ha. ha. ha. ha ha.

Those of you who have followed me saw how far that delusion traveled!  I took a support lesson, saw a few glimpses of blue sky, but for the most part, this little exercise has revealed just how lacking my computer skills are. In other words, I have a very long way to go to be able to make the changes I’d like.  Do I put my tail between my legs and just return to the old way of doing things that was simple, clearcut and boring?  The answer here is that I consider my computer skills to be  still a work in progress.  I’ll have to see some progress, or I’ll lose my readership.  So please hang in there with me.  I’m trying.oblivious


Dianne Vapnek

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