Month: November 2020

The Day After the Day After the Dinner Before

I seemed to be the most apprehensive one in my family while planning our annual Thanksgiving get together.  Covid fears managed to remove a good part of the pleasure of the planning.  This year, it was a plan to survive!  All the anti-get together… Continue Reading “The Day After the Day After the Dinner Before”

Memories of Turkeys Past

My mother had been up cooking for hours.  I could smell the turkey roasting as I slowly transformed from sleeping to a semi wakeful state.  Thanksgiving!  A Big Day in my childhood household.  Still today, in my mind, pretty much a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving. … Continue Reading “Memories of Turkeys Past”

Go Joe Go!!

  usa-national-symbols-clipart When I finally heard the news I’d been waiting so long to hear, it barely registered as a little blip in my emotional response. It was as if I’d stepped on a small acorn and let out an equally small ouch! Not… Continue Reading “Go Joe Go!!”

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