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New Ways to have Enough fun on Vacation while approaching 80

I’ve learned to redefine what it takes to enjoy a vacation. Enjoyment and enough being the key word here.  Non stop activity has largely vanished as something to be desired or enjoyed while vacationing.  It’s been replaced  by a more laissez faire point of view.  … Continue Reading “New Ways to have Enough fun on Vacation while approaching 80”

The T Club Flashback

Flashback!  The year, 1960.or ’61.  The sound, jazz. The feel, beatnik wanna be.  The setting, a dingy nightclub under railroad tracks in run down industrial city. It was the T Club.  I had one or two friends who I could easily convince to come… Continue Reading “The T Club Flashback”

The Kyoto Hospitality Hour

“Come to our apartment for a little sake and chit chat before we go out for dinner,” is how our invitation goes.  That said, we have easily pulled together a spontaneous series of Vapnek hospitality hours that we are very happy with.  Our guests… Continue Reading “The Kyoto Hospitality Hour”

How is Everything?

I generally see myself as a relatively easy going and compassionate person. An uglier, impatient side of my personality reveals itself when I eat at certain California restaurants. I’m surprised by the depth of my annoyance. And, it’s only getting worse.

Nice to Meet You, Mr. Sazerac.

While visiting New Orleans this past weekend, I was introduced to a new and welcome companion, the Sazerac cocktail. Unassuming on the outside, Mr. Sazerac captured my immediate attention on my first sip. He is a complex, yet subtle blend of kick -ass cocktail.

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