There’s Still Time

I wanted to love it, and I occasionally did almost enjoy it.  It had its moments.  Just not enough of them.  It was a blockbuster digital art show presented by the Mori Art Museum called Tokyo Lab Boundless.  It is state of the art of digital technology.  Tickets were scarce, but I got one.  I waitedContinue reading “There’s Still Time”

The Quiet Lives of Old Photographs

The photographs of my life huddle together in the darkness, secure in a bedroom cabinet. They now lead quiet lives, disturbed only occasionally. They once brought only pleasure to me and upon inspection, wonder. Now going through them brings a quotient of sadness too. The scale began to tip about 10 or 15 years ago.Continue reading “The Quiet Lives of Old Photographs”

Becoming Angry and Nasty too

A few days ago, I was unable to update my credit card number in my United Airlines Mileage Plus account. An older number appeared on the screen when I booked my flight, but there was no obvious way to get into my account online to bring it up to date. There followed a considerable searchContinue reading “Becoming Angry and Nasty too”


A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing Definition: A small amount of knowledge about a topic can make people falsely believe they are experts on that topic. My apologies to any of my readers who recently may have tried to find my posts on my WordPress website. I’m struggling through an awkward attempt with a new WordPressContinue reading “Danger.”

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