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What’s Going On?

I am immediately reminded of our shared humanity when I look at the faces of the people listening to the poet Coleman Barks read a poem of Rumi’s on Bill Moyer’s website.  In my mind, they share a yearning for meaning and connection.  I… Continue Reading “What’s Going On?”

The (not so much) Great Getaway

The hills surrounding Santa Barbara rose to meet us as we headed North on the 101, our first escape from sheltering in place. To my surprise, the grasses on the hills are now golden, the deep emerald green just a memory, vanishing quickly once… Continue Reading “The (not so much) Great Getaway”

inspiration, where hast thou gone?

My eyes lazily take in the dull scene before me. I’m in my bedroom, surveying the contents on two tables. The items on each table are nice enough, some useful, a few decorative. They just looked listless, the way I’ve been feeling. Am I… Continue Reading “inspiration, where hast thou gone?”

Face to Face with the Reality of NOW

If someone had told me a few months ago that I would experience a global pandemic that could threaten my existence and the well being of those I love, I would have said, no way. If I’d been told that 22 million people in… Continue Reading “Face to Face with the Reality of NOW”

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, Have you lost your mind, Mr. President? You’re el Presidente as you so like to remind everyone! That title carries with it behavioral and moral obligations. Please remember children are watching you, listening too. Demeaning those who disagree with you is… Continue Reading “Dear Mr. President”

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