Meanwhile, Only in Japan at Takarazuka

Who and What is Takarazuka?? Yikes!  This really exists! (for full affect, do watch the videos.) Part of what endears Japan to me is the seemingly never-ending discoveries to be made at both ends of the spectrum from the sublime to the ridiculous.  A few days ago we travelled out of Kyoto to attend a … Continue reading Meanwhile, Only in Japan at Takarazuka

The Top of the Mountain

The universe turns a blind eye to the triumphs, losses, and vicissitudes of our individual daily lives.  After a resounding success or a horrific loss, I expect the world I see when my eyes open to somehow be altered.  It never is.  That can be a source of comfort but is also a source of … Continue reading The Top of the Mountain

Thanks for the Work!

I was feeling close to retirement last year.  I got bogged down with some of the less-than-sexy-details of working within a non-profit organization. Occasionally, it has its challenges. I also got overly involved in thinking about my age.  My wise adult children refused to consider it.  "You're not retiring!" one daughter angrily insisted.  "What, are you … Continue reading Thanks for the Work!

Eating My Brown Sugar Fudge

MARCH 24, 2011, edited and reposted, DECEMBER 5, 2016  BY DIANNE VAPNEK Eating My(Brown Sugar)Fudge “What is the matter with you?” asked my husband, as I handed him a Martha Stewart recipe for penuche (brown sugar fudge), trying to entice him to whip me up a batch in his spare time. Good tasting, rich and creamy … Continue reading Eating My Brown Sugar Fudge