Thanks for the Work!

I was feeling close to retirement last year.  I got bogged down with some of the less-than-sexy-details of working within a non-profit organization. Occasionally, it has its challenges. I also got overly involved in thinking about my age.  My wise adult children refused to consider it.  “You’re not retiring!” one daughter angrily insisted.  “What, are you…

Eating My Brown Sugar Fudge

MARCH 24, 2011, edited and reposted, DECEMBER 5, 2016  BY DIANNE VAPNEK Eating My(Brown Sugar)Fudge “What is the matter with you?” asked my husband, as I handed him a Martha Stewart recipe for penuche (brown sugar fudge), trying to entice him to whip me up a batch in his spare time. Good tasting, rich and creamy…

Nowhere do you get That Happy Feeling

For right here and right now, we’ve embraced our shared humanity, celebrating the arts. For a time, the generosity of the performers and the generosity of the audience has become one big love fest.

Fleeting Moments

Attending a dance recital for one of grandchildren, I entered a world that felt timeless, yet lasted only for a moment.

dance, Dance, DANCE!

Some interests in life come and go. Others, If you’re lucky, hang around for a lifetime. It’s hard for me to believe that I have loved dance since I was a toddler. Even before toddlerhood,if you believed my mother! That’s a long time ago. I loved dance throughout childhood, took a few detours during adolescence, then returned to…