enjoying ice cream under curfew

For the second day in a row, in mid-afternoon, I expressed my desire for McConnell’s soft serve. For the second day in a row, my request was quickly dismissed as being very foolish. “No, Dianne,”my husband reiterated firmly at the second request. “What’s the matter with you? ” I get asked that question frequently byContinue reading “enjoying ice cream under curfew”

An Alternate Universe?

Sometimes I feel as if I’m living in an alternate universe here in Kyoto. It can be a little bit like the beginning of a “once upon a time” story.  Now I’m in the story. After many years of coming here, I admit, most likely I am seeing Kyoto with rose colored glasses.  I likeContinue reading “An Alternate Universe?”

Japan’s Best Secret?

If dearly departed Anthony Bourdain hadn’t gone on and on about it, we never would have discovered this small treasure hidden in plain sight and literally around every corner. We would have missed the fun of being captivated by it!  I’m not talking about some high fallutin’ exotic something that must be hunted down byContinue reading “Japan’s Best Secret?”

Food, Glorious Food

Kyoto has lots of restaurants.  All kinds of restaurants.  All kinds of food.  We like many places that we’ve tried, happily returning each time we visit.  The standards are high here.  The food is always well prepared, of high quality and very fresh. You won’t find overcooked fish.  The offerings are usually a seasonal celebration.Continue reading “Food, Glorious Food”


I know people who visit England and after a little time spent there, return to the USA speaking with an English Accent. I haven’t acquired an English accent, nor a Japanese one, but I have deliberately acquired the Japanese version of saying Grace before meals. It’s quick. It’s easy once you’ve said the word 50Continue reading “Itakakimasu!”

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