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Some Things Do Endure

A favorite activity for many of us this time of the year, is to review photographs of the past year. It always amazes me that many of “the year in pictures” photos I see have almost been forgotten in the course of a year.… Continue Reading “Some Things Do Endure”

It’s Almost Like Being in Love

When I’m in Japan, people seem nicer, the landscape more beautiful, the mundane more interesting. The giggling groups of young women enjoying each other’s company help me to appreciate how fleeting youth is.  The laughs I share with new friends are more frequent. The… Continue Reading “It’s Almost Like Being in Love”

I Get By with a Little Help from My Friend

The Situation By the 7th week since my last haircut, I am badly in need of one. It only gets worse as the days go on. What to do when you’re in a foreign country? I’ve had a few hair cutting experiences abroad that… Continue Reading “I Get By with a Little Help from My Friend”

RIP, My Friend Betsy

  Several years ago I joined a tour group to see a part of Japan that’s relatively hard to get to as a foreigner.  I’d requested a single room when I traveled because I’d learned from taking other tours I needed “time off” from… Continue Reading “RIP, My Friend Betsy”

Bali Hai Redux

Do you know the song Bali -Hai from the musical South Pacific?  I loved every musical I saw growing up and knew the lyrics to all of them.  When I first saw the Florida Keys in 1958, I immediately began to sing Bali-Hai.  Not a perfect… Continue Reading “Bali Hai Redux”

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