A Half Day in the Life (cont’d)

If you ever need an excuse for overindulgence, just bring along some children for whom the word excess holds no meaning. So, the day began yesterday with our family gathering for breakfast at a small restaurant we’d discovered a few years ago.  It’s an Hawaiian import, specializing in taking a humble pancake and pushing itContinue reading “A Half Day in the Life (cont’d)”

Heart Warming and Belly Filling

The hilly village of Ohara, in the northern precincts of Kyoto, is idyllic.  It’s one of the places that I must return to each time I come to Kyoto.  Its simple country farmhouses make a ring around a central area of fertile farmland growing rice and vegetables. At one time, this rural farm area grew mostContinue reading “Heart Warming and Belly Filling”

Some Go High, but I go Low

I’ve been steering away from being that foreigner who compulsively photographs every piece of food that goes in her mouth while vacationing in Japan.  I traveled that road for a number of years and finally now feel no need to document it.Eating beautifully presented food has become more of a daily event, not something unexpected.  ForContinue reading “Some Go High, but I go Low”

Dining Alone and Never Lonely

I paused at the entrance of the restaurant.  It looked inviting, but all the menu listings displayed outside the front door were written in Japanese.  Rather than turn away as I would have done a few years ago, I slid open their door and asked them if they have an English menu.  All heads turnedContinue reading “Dining Alone and Never Lonely”

sushi fest

When my husband looks for restaurants for us to try while in Japan, he leaves no stone unturned.  So why was I so surprised by the reservations he managed to secure at three unbelievable sushi restaurants in Kanazawa? Some back story.  Sushi is best consumed and celebrated when you’re near the large bodies of water theContinue reading “sushi fest”

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