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The Downfall of the Bright Red Petticoat

I can see it still as if it’s hanging in my closet.  The cherry red taffeta petticoat, trimmed with narrow black lace at the hem and hips.  The single button at the waist.  The way the petticoat  made my princess styled dress stand out… Continue Reading “The Downfall of the Bright Red Petticoat”

Addicted……. to Shmatas?

NO, not THAT kind of addiction.  Not to drugs, fortunately.  Not to alcohol.  This addiction costs me about $12 each time I indulge.  This addiction brings me pleasure each time I indulge.  It’s continued to bring me pleasure for many years.  It’s a relatively… Continue Reading “Addicted……. to Shmatas?”

Acknowledging My Own Ignorance

  It’s nice to feel confident about one’s own ability to complete a task.  It can be an easy  deceit to believe you’re well-informed.  This summer I’ve been struck down on both accounts.  The Black Lives Matter movement taught me some much needed lessons… Continue Reading “Acknowledging My Own Ignorance”

#@$#ed Up!

Well my little experiment didn’t work out so well.  to say the least.  It bombed.  I was way in over my head.  So sorry.  I just took it down. I’m getting help next week, but I had to take down the bleepedup blog before… Continue Reading “#@$#ed Up!”

it’s done!

  In case you thought Dianne Vapnek was totally dithering around since covid hit, I’m here to tell you that’s only partially correct. Well, mostly correct.  The one redeeming activity I can share with you is that I’ve been writing. Periodically.   I’ve enjoyed it… Continue Reading “it’s done!”

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