My History of Eating, Part One

Disclosure:  I'm Jewish. Food and its consumption are a part of my culture. That might have something to with the attention I've paid to food most of my life.  Taking it to another level, I married a Jewish man whose Jewish Mother wanted to know when we visited, what we wanted her to cook for dinner. … Continue reading My History of Eating, Part One

Are You City or Country???

Some things about yourself change during a lifetime , others remain remarkably consistent. But then, some day you are likely to find, as I have,  that what had pleased you so consistently doesn't bring as much pleasure as it once had. I knew I was a "bi" before there was a name for it. I … Continue reading Are You City or Country???

Dianne & Clyde

Uptown, competition for cabs was fierce as the early summer rain poured down in sheets from the ashen sky. Despite my umbrella, In a short time, if I didn't get out of the rain, I would be soaked through. I counted myself lucky as an available cab suddenly appeared before me. Thinking I could now settle in for a long quiet ride to visit my daughter in Brooklyn, I quickly came to understand that this ride had taken on a life and purpose that I never could have imagined.