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Things My Mother Told Me

It’s just as easy to do something right the first time. (Not true.  The trick is to try again.) It’s just as easy to marry a rich man as a poor man.  (no comment.) Let that be a lesson for you.  (It usually was)… Continue Reading “Things My Mother Told Me”

A Walk in the Woods

It’s the age-old story of children gaining their independence and going off into the world that repeats with each generation. The angst of the parents who remain behind is the same, as is the eagerness of the children to be let loose.

An Unexpected Bonus

I experienced an unexpected bonus from writing a recent post about my mom and dad. I felt their presence in a new way.

Snowflakes and Grandkids

It’s been through the blessing of grandchildren that I have truly been able to fully appreciate the miracle of childhood and the full measure of life.

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