The Quiet Lives of Old Photographs

The photographs of my life huddle together in the darkness, secure in a bedroom cabinet. They now lead quiet lives, disturbed only occasionally. They once brought only pleasure to me and upon inspection, wonder. Now going through them brings a quotient of sadness too. The scale began to tip about 10 or 15 years ago.Continue reading “The Quiet Lives of Old Photographs”

How to Find Good Beyond the Evil

This is a complicated holiday season.  The glitter, the shopping and the decorating can feel imposed by the calendar, out of sync with our daily headlines of war, hate, bombings, shootings, election results and humanitarian concerns. The tendency to feel overwhelmed by all the darkness in the world can easily let the air out of ourContinue reading “How to Find Good Beyond the Evil”

Is A Picture is Still Worth…?

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. Dorothea Lange We are living at a time when our lives are flooded with photographs, unlike any time that’s come before it.  The Iphone has made us all amateur photographers and social media has given us the venues to display our masterpiecesContinue reading “Is A Picture is Still Worth…?”

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