How to Find Good Beyond the Evil

This is a complicated holiday season.  The glitter, the shopping and the decorating can feel imposed by the calendar, out of sync with our daily headlines of war, hate, bombings, shootings, election results and humanitarian concerns. The tendency to feel overwhelmed by all the darkness in the world can easily let the air out of ourContinue reading “How to Find Good Beyond the Evil”

It’s a Hard Rain

LIfe continues to hum along as if nothing is out of the ordinary is happening. But there’s a soundtrack in the background of my life that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.  It usually begins with two words:  Donald Trump.  Some new phrases have caught my attention too.  Alt right, anyone?  fake news? false equivalencies? “Every presidentContinue reading “It’s a Hard Rain”

The Day the Earth Shifted

Did the earth just shift? After looking over my  Facebook feed yesterday morning, I could only imagine millions of us Hillary supporters simultaneously reacting in the same way, at the same time,  when we learned that DT had won the electoral college and was now destined to become the next president of the United States.Continue reading “The Day the Earth Shifted”

How to Respond?

Like many of us, I suppose, I have more questions about the world we live in than answers. In fact, I have only questions. The majority of answers provided by the experts are unsatisfying and incomplete to me, because they don’t appear to “know” either. From where I stand, no one seems to get the big picture. This recent round of violence is a complex, fucked up mess.

Bill Moyers & Me

My eyes betrayed the depth of my feelings as they spontaneously filled with tears when Bill Moyers made his way to the microphone to deliver his recent talk here a few nights ago.  I have been a devoted follower of his for decades now, but seeing him in person for the first time and listening to him speak, wasContinue reading “Bill Moyers & Me”

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