How is Everything?

I generally see myself as a relatively easy going and compassionate person. An uglier, impatient side of my personality reveals itself when I eat at certain California restaurants. I’m surprised by the depth of my annoyance. And, it’s only getting worse.


The first chapter of Living Life in Kyoto came to a sweet conclusion. We got up and running in two weeks time.


Only a very few days, at a certain time of the year, in a certain kind of place, at a certain time of day, qualify for exalted Zip-a-dee-doo-dah status.  Yesterday was one of “those” days. Leaving the city of Kyoto for a break in the Let’s Play House routine, we drove (make that we were driven) on…


You know the overwhelmed feeling you can get when you have to master a new technological device?  All of that paled on move in day in Kyoto when we were confronted with the latest array of Japanese  home technology. We screwed up royally and instantly as soon as someone rang our doorbell.  Not knowing which…


When is it too late to recognize a dream and pursue it?

BIG Birthdays

Reasons not to be coy about your age! Celebrate, don’t hesitate when it comes to any birthday.

Self – Awareness at 70+

Aging is sometimes a baffling experience and sometimes a liberating one. It’s a time of physical and emotional change. In this blog, I look at the welcome changes and the not-so-welcome changes that accompany this period in life.