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Party Time in Kyoto

What better time or place to throw a party than in the spring at our apartment in Kyoto?  We had friends CA friends visiting Kyoto for a few days, my more-than-able-son-in-law visiting and several Kyoto friends we were eager to see again. At the… Continue Reading “Party Time in Kyoto”

Dining Alone and Never Lonely

I paused at the entrance of the restaurant.  It looked inviting, but all the menu listings displayed outside the front door were written in Japanese.  Rather than turn away as I would have done a few years ago, I slid open their door and… Continue Reading “Dining Alone and Never Lonely”

To Eat or not to Eat, Never a Question!

One of us comes to Japan on a a regular basis because he enjoys the food so much.

The other one (me) comes to Japan to accompany her husband so he won’t have to eat alone.

Since many Japanese restaurants are quite small, one of us makes reservations at the restaurants he wants to try, long before we arrive, so as not to be disappointed at finding them full.

The other one takes delight in her husband’s foresight.

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