What a difference a week makes. Last week I was revelling in the grandeur of the great outdoors. This week I'm sequestered from it, seldom venturing out-of-doors because of the proximity of a fire. The streets of our city are now relatively deserted. Two weeks before Christmas. The people who are venturing out are wearing … Continue reading Fire!!

Moon Watch

Such a hullabaloo about the moon in recent years.  Until recently,  a person only needed to know rhyming words such as moon, June, swoon, etc. inserted in insipid songs.  Now, to be fashionable means being knowledgeable about how often a blue moon comes along,  knowing the characteristics of a super moon as well as when and where to … Continue reading Moon Watch

dance, Dance, DANCE!

Some interests in life come and go. Others, If you're lucky, hang around for a lifetime. It's hard for me to believe that I have loved dance since I was a toddler. Even before toddlerhood,if you believed my mother! That's a long time ago. I loved dance throughout childhood, took a few detours during adolescence, then returned to … Continue reading dance, Dance, DANCE!