Trying to Follow Bourdain’s Footsteps

Anthony Bourdain had a way of making everything he did look cool. Particularly his eating/drinking/lounging at night markets in the Far East. Without fail, it appeared to be a sublime eating experience, one that could be easily duplicated once you got yourself to a Night Market!  Probably not with the same level of self confidence he always displayed, but hey, no one would be filming!

Bourdain eating at night markets

The Hype:

The one thing that is a must on every visitor’s Taipei itinerary is a night market. Constantly buzzing with activities, tempting smells, and delicious flavors, it’s impossible to resist the charm of a quintessential Taiwanese night market.

Must-try street food in Lehua Night Market:

  • Stinky tofu
  • Spicy duck blood
  • Braised meat vermicelli
  • Yolk-filled taro balls

We just returned from Taipei Taiwan, a city overflowing with night markets.  All we had to do was pick one and we too could be easily transported to BlissLand, lingering and savoring dish after tasty dish, while drinking beer after beer. Continue reading “Trying to Follow Bourdain’s Footsteps”