When was that Line Crossed?

Some shifts in life happen almost imperceptibly.  Styles and places that were almost second nature in terms of my likes and dislikes have shifted past the point of no return.  When and why and how did that happen?

For example:

I no longer drool over clothing with ruffles.ruffles

I stopped lusting after the peasant look.  That attraction began in my childhood when I was given a Romanian peasant shirt complete with puffy sleeves and cross hatch embroidery.  It was my go -to Gypsy look for every Halloween until I no longer dressed up for Halloween. It was an easy segueway from that to the 1970’s peasant look which I was more than happy to wear.

I no longer want to wear a dress or blouse with puffy sleeves.  Of any kind.


I no longer can wear thonged sandals.  Who knew that collagen in your feet allowed you to do this in the first place?

Instruments of Torture

Ditto any high heel over 1.5 inches. Continue reading “When was that Line Crossed?”