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Credit note:  All dance photos taken by photographer David Bazemore unless noted.  Please do not use without permission.  Please request at:  Thank you.


DANCEworks was a creative partnership and not for profit organization between SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara and the Lobero Theatre Foundation.  It ran from 1997 until 2019.  During that period a legacy of new contemporary dance was created here, by some of our nation’s leading choreographers.




Richard Move doing Martha Graham

creating Aszure Barton’s Busk, Banning Roberts and Ian Robinson

Brian Brooks and Weena Pauley at Danceworks cabaret

DANCEworks 2011 – “Mo(or)town Redux” publicity 2/23/11 Lobero Theatre

DANCEworks 2011 – “Mo(or)town Redux” publicity 2/23/11 Lobero Theatre

Keigwin + Co. – Rep 4/23/10 Lobero Theatre

DANCEworks – “Bolero Santa Barbara” 4/22/10 Lobero Theatre, an extravaganza!

Larry Keigwin, rehearsing at the LOberoTheatre

Banning roberts, Busk, Lobero theatre

Aszure Barton, rehearsing Busk

Jojo alsberry and Banning Roberts rehearsing Busk