Times they are a Changing

Our first grandchild is about to spread her wings and leave for her first semester in college. Fifty eight years ago, I did the same.  I couldn’t help but compare the excitement and anxiety she’s feeling with those I had so long ago.  The anticipation is similar. From experience, I know that life for her and herContinue reading “Times they are a Changing”

The Revenge of the Firefly Squid

Firefly squid.  Just think how much fun life could be if your first name was “Firefly.”  Firefly Vapnek sounds very interesting, don’t you think?  I think the name “Firefly”initially influenced how I felt about eating these small creatures.  Fireflies are beautiful; to be caught, enjoyed and valued as a seasonal treat. I’d never heard of fireflyContinue reading “The Revenge of the Firefly Squid”

and the seasons they go round and round.

“After Halloween it’s a downhill slide to the holidays.”  I’ve said that for years.  Now, I can add, after turning 70, it’s a downhill slide to 75.  These days, I’ve become more preoccupied with the 3/4 century mark. This decade of my life is just going too damn fast. I’m now making some accomodations for myContinue reading “and the seasons they go round and round.”

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